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City of

Soap Lake

Next Council Meeting is June 17th

2015 minutes & agenda are to the right.....


“This is a draft of the Minutes without council review or approval”

*The City of Soap Lake website is maintained on a volunteer basis by one individual.

This means that we do her BEST to keep information current and professionally informative.

There is content that relies purely on others submitting updated material to the web master.

Please be patient if it is not always perfectly current.  Thank you for your understanding!

Past Minutes are here!

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If you cannot open or download any of the files on this page, please email Christine@ulbfit.com for the file.




January - July, 2014 Council Meeting Minutes


For the PDF & Doc downloads please click on the icons below...



















City of Soap Lake, PO Box 1270, 239 2nd Ave SE,

Soap Lake, WA 98851, (509)246-1211

The Soap Lake City Council Chambers are handicap accessible. Arrangements to reasonably accommodate the needs of special classes of citizens, including handicap accessibility or interpreter, will be made upon receiving twenty four (24) hour advance notice.

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